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Strategy Development

At KP Advisors we excel at helping foundations, investors, nonprofit and organizations develop comprehensive strategies that can guide their decision-making and help prioritize how they use their time, money, and energy. Whether it’s through the creation of an investment thesis, theory of change, and/or strategic plan, we can help articulate a path forward that lays the groundwork for future understanding of effectiveness and the need for strategy adaptation.

The pursuit of investments that provide financial returns coupled with social impact is increasingly important to investors and foundations alike.  Building on the findings from our report, In Pursuit of Deeper Impact: Mobilizing Capital for Social Equity, KP Advisors can help foundations and individual investors create a shared vision and strategies for deploying capital in order to maximize financial and social impact for the investor as well as the beneficiaries of the investment. Among other things, we can help investors understand the factors that influence whether and how social change happens; develop strategies for engaging the beneficiaries of their investments; identify potential investments; and connect them to investment managers who will conduct due diligence and monitor financial performance on their behalf.

By eliciting the best thinking of the people intimately involved with an issue, donors and foundation staff and trustees can create powerful giving programs that are designed to accomplish their goals and address the needs of the communities they are seeking to benefit. KP Advisors works with emerging foundations and existing grantmakers to develop effective and efficient processes that are designed to answer important questions such as: What is the desired change we hope to achieve? What data exist regarding the subject in question? Who will be impacted? What are the best methods for reaching the target audiences? What kinds of organizations are best suited to accomplish the change? How will we go about funding these organizations?

In the nonprofit sector there is an undeniable need for strategies that help organizations to clarify their strategic purpose and their value relative to others in their field. At KP Advisors we have worked with numerous nonprofit organizations to articulate their strategic priorities. We use an iterative strategic planning process that engages internal and external stakeholders, uses research and data when possible to inform strategy, and ensures that everyone in the organization is aligned around definitions and measurements of success.

At KP Advisors we have significant expertise working with networks of funders, investors, and nonprofit organizations. Network development is increasingly critical in our complex world where there is a growing recognition of the interdependence of issues, organizations and solutions. We work with networks to develop shared outcomes and aligned strategies that maximize the expertise of various groups. We also work with networks to identify and develop needed resource that will help the members of the network excel individually and collectively.

Organizational Development and Management Consulting

Organizations of all sizes are constantly faced with opportunities and challenges. Some opportunities originate externally; others emanate from within. KP Advisors works with foundations, investors, and nonprofit organizations to help them identify opportunities and stress points that inhibit organizational and leadership development and advancement.

At the heart of any successful management consulting process is an understanding of the assets and challenges that face an organization. By completing an organizational assessment that analyzes an organization’s internal components such as staffing, budgeting, policies and procedures, managers receive valuable diagnostic information about their organizations. The organizational assessment serves as the building-block upon which sustainable change is made.

As organizations undergo change, strategic restructurings may be needed. A professional, third party perspective can provide managers with a valuable perspective on what changes need to be implemented and how to institute those changes with the least disruption to an organization and its daily operations.

One of the most challenging moments in an organization’s life is a leadership transition at the staff or the board level. Transitions can bring out the best in people; they can also result in unpredictable behaviors. Managing such transitions effectively is critical to the continued success of an organization.

Senior leaders often experience isolation. During such times, they often need the ability to safely explore the impact of their decisions and a neutral voice to provide feedback on important decisions. Moreover, they may need help in navigating their own responses and those of their colleagues. Providing support to and breaking the isolation of senior leaders can have a significant impact on the success of organizations and their ability to manage for mission.

One of the most challenging aspects of running any organization is ensuring that its governing body is engaged and effective. We have experience working with board of directors of all sizes as well as grantmaking and investment committees that are charged with important responsibilities that are critical to the success of the company or organization. By helping clarify roles and responsibilities, setting a positive culture that is consistent with the values and priorities of an organization, and developing practices that result in engaged committee members, organizations can ensure they are maximizing their talent and effectiveness.

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The team at KP Advisors has deep expertise in designing and conducting research initiatives related to social and environmental change. Through our years of experience, we have grown to understand and appreciate the challenges of evaluating impact in the social sector. Moreover, we are attuned to the importance of effectively communicating results using data and objective analysis. We use quantitative and qualitative research methods paired with human interaction to ensure that our clients get results that represent the depth and complexity of the issues they care about.